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Corgi Alfa Romeo Pininfarina P.33 380 from 1971 Corgi Alfa Romeo Pininfarina P.33 380 from 1971
The Old Toy Guide

The Old Toy Guide

The Old Toy Guide is a growing resource and source of information about old toys and modern toys destined to become collectable classics.

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Auction sites

Below is a short list of auction sites that may be of interest if you are looking to buy toys or models at auction.

ebay toy auctionsebay Toy Auctions have around 500,000 auction items at any one time.

ebid toy auctionseBid Toy Auctions have a smaller number of listings at around 50,000 at any one time but are growing fast. It's still possible to pick up a bargain on eBid.

This site was launched in January 2006 with just one section - Scalextric cars and one item listed - The Scalextric Capri. Since then we've been adding more Scalextric cars and other slot car sections for Revell slot cars and Fly slot cars.
We also added the Corgi and Dinky sections soon after release which have quickly grown as we've added some old classic diecast cars and model cars from TV series such as the Gerry Anderson creations of UFO, Space 1999, Thunderbirds and Joe90. And Films including Ian Flemming's James Bond films which include the famous Corgi James Bond 007 Aston Martin and Corgi James Bond 007 Toyota.

Take a browse through these old toy pages and come back soon as we add more old corgi, dinky and scalextric cars on a weekly basis.
We'll soon be adding more sections for other old toys including old games consoles. If you have any information about old toys you would like to contribute, please contact us as we're always interested in receiving new content to build our old toy guide.

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